Landmark's Luminary Creeping Bentgrass a Top Performer at SCANGREEN Trials

SPOKANE, Wash. (June 20, 2017) – Landmark Turf & Native Seed, a provider of industry-leading agro-economic solutions and producer of quality turf, forage and native seeds, recently received recognition at the SCANGREEN trials with its Luminary Creeping Bentgrass being a top-performing new variety. Luminary performed particularly well in the colder, northern zone trials.

SCANGREEN is a variety-testing program for golf greens, started in 2003 and funded by the Scandinavian Turfgrass and Environment Research Foundation. Tests are conducted in Europe; the testing period is one seeding year plus three evaluation years, with trials started every fourth year. Nordic countries are separated into the northern zone — which includes Finland, Iceland and the northern, mostly continental parts of Norway and Sweden — and the southern zone — which includes Denmark and the southern, mostly coastal parts of Norway and Sweden.

Researchers evaluated each turfgrass on a 1-9 scale for a variety of desirable traits — visual appeal, density, fineness of leaves and color — as well as looking at disease resistance, growth rate, wear tolerance and ability to withstand winter damage. Click here for complete results.

“We knew going in that Luminary was an excellent bentgrass variety, but to have that supported and documented by the SCANGREEN trials, particularly against some very popular varieties, is further confirmation that Luminary is a top-shelf bentgrass, especially in cold climates,” said Landmark Turf & Native Seed Vice President of International Sales John Patton. “We want to offer the best varieties possible, and knowing that we are makes us proud.”

Developed by Dr. Stacy Bonos and Rutgers University from broad genetic-based germplasm, Luminary excels during cooler seasons and features optimum density, great winter color and hardiness, wear resistance and snow mold resistance. Its exceptional performance has been documented across multiple regions in multiple independent tests, and it has been proven to be compatible with older bentgrasses and lower maintenance costs.

Landmark Turf & Native Seed
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