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Sod Quality Seed Blends and Mixtures. Seed With Confidence.

For the sod industry, we believe that quality assurance is of equal importance to genetic integrity and performance. Turf Producer's Select® sod quality seed products are held to the highest quality standards. We identify with the producer’s business and prescribe quality blends and mixtures with integrity. Once varieties are selected and formulations are designed, we look beyond the tag of each lot, and dig deep into the history and data collected to ensure mechanical cleanliness. Before qualifying a lot for use in a sod formulation, we analyze all test reports and even consider region, grower and field history information.


Our Turf Producer's Select® sod quality seed formulations are produced in blending facilities dedicated for sod. The machinery is thoroughly cleaned and inspected between each batch. We also have separate equipment dedicated to sod Bluegrass or sod Tall Fescue use. Landmark’s Sod Quality Seed Assurance continues through shipment as each pallet of sod seed is wrapped and segregated on the truck to further protect against potential cross contamination. With Turf Producer's Select®, our attention to detail is second to none.


For a listing of our Turf Producers' Select® Sod Quality Blends & Mixtures, please see Sod Blends & Mixtures in the Products section. 



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