Reclamation, Native & Rangeland

Landmark Turf & Native Seed is a leader in the production and marketing of high-quality native and low-input seeds. Our selections are sourced from state and federal agencies, universities, private plant breeders and collectors. From modern large-scale seed production to remote hand harvesting of GPS coordinate identified native plant colonies, Landmark is your source for ecologically appropriate and environmentally sound grass, forb, legume, shrub and wildflower seed. We have identified the very best producers of high-vigor seed to ensure a unique combination of environmental and economic value.


We offer our customers a complete and extensive selection of native seed species and varieties for rangeland, reclamation and erosion control, mining, wetland, riparian, forestry and wildlife habitat. At Landmark Turf & Native Seed, we are proud to be able to provide our customers with the right species or variety of seeds that are ecologically appropriate and environmentally sound for all of their projects.


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RJ Schmitt