Perennial Ryegrass Seed


One of the most popular choices for overseeding, ryegrasses possess a superior ability to withstand stress and wear, making it ideal for golf courses and athletic fields. This cool-season grass is known for quick establishment and a rapid germination rate. These traits allow ryegrasses to serve as perfect seed compliments to use with later germinating species.


Perennial ryegrass spreads by tillers, or shoots from the crown. They can be mowed at heights from one quarter inch up to three inches and require moderate amounts of fertilization and water.


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Variety Description
A New Generation of Perennial Ryegrasses from Landmark

Landmark is increasing the production of several new and improved turf perennial ryegrasses. There is limited seed production of these cultivars, but initial performance reults in turf as well as in in seed production suggest that these will be the top turf performance cultivars of choice in the near future.

*SPARK (CT4) and INTENSE (FE2) are releases in our latest generation of perennial ryegrass.  This generation was selected after the 2010 NTEP trial was established and promise to have improved turf quality performance.  Independent trials are ongoing.  

*PST-2BNS has the highest mean turf quality rating plus tested in the top 25% in over 72% of the tests as compared to 87 other entries in the National Test.  PST 2BNS performed in the top statistical group all regions.  (2013 NTEP trial data through 2013).


*NEW*   Approach is a new “turf-type” annual ryegrass released in 2013, with a more attractive appearance & improved turf quality compared to Gulf annual ryegrass.  APPROACH is quick to germinate and establish, is durable, and is fast to check out in sprin.  Approach Anual Ryegrass is an new option for budget concsious turf managers.

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Gray Star Perennial Ryegrass

Exhibiting excellent resistance to gray leaf spot, Gray Star is especially useful in areas with high disease pressure, such as the Northeast, Mid-Atlantic, Midwest and California. Gray Star is known for its outstanding turf quality, summer performance and wear tolerance. It is ideal for professional sports turf, golf courses and all high-end uses. Developed by Pure Seed Testing and screened in North Carolina.

Seeds/Pound (approximate): 250,000     Seeding Rate (Pounds/Acre): 200-700

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PST 2RT Perennial Ryegrass

Exhibiting improved turf quality, fine texture, dark green color and reduced susceptibility to gray leaf spot disease, PST 2RT is especially useful in areas with high disease pressure and traffic. Refine was selected for summer performance and wear tolerance. It's ideal for overseeding bermudagrass and in blends and mixtures with other high quality perennial ryegrasses and kentucky bluegrass. Developed by Pure Seed Testing and screened in North Carolina.

Seeds/Pound (approximate): 250,000     Seeding Rate (Pounds/Acre): 200-700

Salinas Perennial Ryegrass

Salinas has a dark green color, a very fine blade width and excellent turf performance with good salt tolerance. Its salt tolerance lends itself to fall overseeding programs in the desert Southwest and other areas affected by salinity. With quick establishment, it provides a beautiful, wear-tolerant playing surface with a smooth spring transition.

Seeds/Pound (approximate): 250,000     Seeding Rate (Pounds/Acre): 200-700

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Showtime Perennial Ryegrass

Derived from a cold-tolerant collection that was crossed with gray leaf spot survivors from North Carolina, Showtime has shown very good winter color retention and cold-weather performance. Showtime is ideal for all perennial ryegrass applications, including overseeding, damaged perennial ryegrass turf or fall overseeding of bermudagrass turf in southern climates.

Seeds/Pound (approximate): 250,000     Seeding Rate (Pounds/Acre): 200-700

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SOX FAN Perennial Ryegrass

SOX FAN is our latest release from Rutgers University combining high turf quality with improved gray leaf spot and pythium resistance. With improved traffic tolerance, SOX FAN is at home on the heavy use sports field, as well as on the golf course and lawn uses that demand turf quality as well as disease and traffic performance. Its color and texture blend well with other cool-season grasses, and SOX FAN’s ability to tolerate a low height of cut make it an excellent companion to low mow elite bluegrasses. Additionally, SOX FAN has performed exceptionally in Bermudagrass overseeding trials, resulting in very high ratings for uniform full-season turf quality from establishment through transition. 

Seeds/Pound (approximate): 250,000     Seeding Rate (Pounds/Acre): 200-700

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zOther Seeds

Landmark trades in many seed varieties not listed here.  Please contact us for pricing and availability on commodities, commons, field & special mixtres for Turf, Reclamation, Forage and Cover Crop use.